2020 Chromag Rootdown Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-048-61 - 826974026866 - Small - Chrome Black
2020 Chromag Rootdown Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-048-62 - 826974026873 - Small - Indigo (Blue)
2021 Chromag Rootdown Frame - The Lost Co. - Chromag - 201-133-01 - 826974032775 - Large - Purple

2021 Chromag Rootdown Frame

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Chromag updated the Rootdown frame with a combination of longer top tube, shorter chain stay, slacker head angle, steeper seat tube and lower BB. For Chromag, it was a significant progression of the all-mountain hardtail. The new 2020 version continues that legacy further with the additional clearance needed for 27.5 Plus tire compatibility.

Built with Chromag's custom-drawn tubes and featuring a 12 X 148 Boost rear end and stealth dropper post routing, this is the evolution of Chromag frame design in 29er form compatible with 27.5+.

The Rootdown is an agile ascender and a dominant descender that is ready for anything.

  • TIRE SIZE: 29 x 2.5” or 27.5 x 3.0”
  • TRAVEL: Design optimized for a 160mm fork
  • WEIGHT: 6.5 lbs (Medium, Frame Only)
  • REAR SPACING: 12x148 Boost

2020 chromag rootdown frame black chrome hardtail hard tail mountain bike mtb enduro 29
2020 chromag rootdown frame indigo blue hardtail hard tail mountain bike mtb enduro 29
2020 chromag rootdown frame sunflower yellow hardtail hard tail mountain bike mtb enduro 29


chromag rootdown frame head tube badge

Bikes are special. The headtube badge is the finishing touch so we’ve always made a point of taking the time to do something interesting with it. Our headtube badges have changed over the years and are an indication of the time each bike was made. Whether it’s a cast bronze, or polished stainless steel, water cut aluminum or a 3D CNC carving, each one represents our commitment to detail.


Making modern chromoly frames is challenging when most of the tubes available on the market are from an era of mountain biking long past. After several years of frame production we reached the point where we could design and produce our own custom tubing for the majority of our frame tubes. This contributes to the unique look of many of our frames but more importantly allows us to configure our bikes exactly as we want for each design.

chromag rootdown frame chromoly tubing


chromag rootdownn frame rear dropouts

As 12mm through axles have proven to be solid, reliable and convenient, we have committed most of our models to utilize this format.   Our 12mm dropouts are accurate and tough and feature a removable derailleur hanger with a sturdy interface for strength and reliability. All 2017 models (excluding Monk and Nice Dreams) will follow the 148mm boost spacing.


Our ‘Yokel’ design is a small machined junction on the chainstay that helps accommodate both tire clearance and chainring clearance. Our first versions were huge CNC yokes that bridged the entire front end of the chainstays. Over time we refined this to minimize weight by arranging our chainstay layout asymmetrically and reducing the yoke to a minimal size. It’s one of our most unique frame features and has been copied by other frame makers.

chromag rootdown frame yokel



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