Cane Creek Valt Progressive Coil Spring - The Lost Co. - Cane Creek - AAD2418 - 840226083032 - 55MM X 400-488LB -

Cane Creek Valt Progressive Coil Spring

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Progressive-Rate VALT coil springs are now available from Cane Creek Cycling Components. Designed and tuned by Cane Creek’s engineering team to provide riders with a true rise-in-rate spring curve. The Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the sensitivity and “set it and forget it” mentality of a traditional coil set up, but with the progressiveness and ramp up that hard-charging riders and many frame designs demand. Progression begins at 50% into the stroke of the spring.

The performance of your shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. VALT springs offer a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs. Riders can enjoy the performance benefits of coil shocks without the weight penalty.

Material: High Performance Steel

Inner Diameter: 36.5mm

Outer Diameter: 52.5 - 54mm

Weight Range: 380g - 465g (varies spring rate & stroke)

Weight Savings: 50g - 211g (varies spring rate & stroke)

Color: White